segunda-feira, 19 de julho de 2010

a little letter,

From me to you.
There are so many thing I want to tell you... Yet so many thing I want to hide.
Do you remember that time? We were sitting so close... Our hands touching...
And the only thing that mattered most to us was each other? And in those moments, I felt as thought the world stopped.
That when I realized... I'd rather sit next to you there. Than be anyone else...
I never meant to fall in love with you. I mean, we're best friends...
But does that really mean we can't be something more than that. I tried to shake it off... Tried to forget... But the truth is... I can't. I can't forget the way you look at me whenever you talk to me. Whenever you made little jokes about me doing something stupid. The way you played with my hair whenever... I got it fixed. Just to irritate me! The way you did silly little things... Just to make me smile. The way you gave me little embraces... Just to make me laugh endlessly. The way you would me laugh at all my corniest jokes... As thought you'd never heard of anything funnier... The way you glance at me from across the room... Just to check if I was still sane. The way you picked little fights... Just so that we could make up. The way you would call me up at the most ungodly hours... Just to see how I was doing. The way that you just don't care about what anybody things...  Even thought that's what I pretend to be. The way you lift me up... Whenever was I down.  The way you tell me that I'm pretty... Even thought the whole word things I'm not. The way you'd wish on all the stars... Just to find out if wishing was real. The way you loved inconditionally all the people you care about... Especially me.
Those are the things I just can't even dream of forgetting about you. Because underneath all of laughs... All the moments we've been through... I feel in love.
I feel in love with the boy... With you! But it's not just  because of what you did... What you do. It's because of who you were then... Who you are now. And who you will be. But it's also because of who you aren't. So, you may be kind of a slob. A science geek... An anti-it guy.  So what?
I'm pretty imperfect my self...  I love you!
I hope you feel the same way... But if you don't... It's ok. These memories are definetely enough to last me a lifetime.
P.s:  Whatever happens, we're still best friends, ok? :)



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